Wedding Cake

First wedding cake, for my little sister’s small wedding.

This week will be interesting, trying to keep my eating on track.  I’m working on a wedding cake, which means the fridge has been emptied in preparation for the tiers that will soon fill it.  Which means there’s not much to eat around here.  Which means we’ll be eating out every night!  And.  We’ve gotta do it on a $10-$15 budget a day (total, not per person).  That means fast food.  I’ve already eaten two McDonald’s salads and am wondering how many more I can eat before I get sick of them.  Taco Bell has some healthy “fresco” menu items now and of course there’s Subway.  I think I’ll be OK. 

I most likely will not be working out because I won’t have the time.  This is the biggest order I’ve ever had b/c it’s not only for the three-tier cake but for 80 cake balls & 2 dozen cupcakes.  And I have a day job.  EEEEEEK!  It will be OK, but I will be relieved once the cake is delivered. 

This is my fourth wedding cake & sixth tiered cake so I’m not nervous about stacking the tiers since I’m comfortable with doing the whole dowel rod support system thing, but I always get nervous about creating something that so much importance is placed on it.  The wedding cake is  BIG DEAL.  And I not only have to live up to those expectations, but keep the cake from being destroyed before I even get it there.  *eep!* 

Wish me luck, not only with keeping on track health-wise but with the cake as well.  Right now it’s pretty much the center of my universe. 

I’ll leave you with pics of the tiered cakes I mentioned.  I’ll talk to you Thursday…unless I forget the date, forget to weigh-in, forget my name…. 

My 2nd wedding cake, done for a friend.


This cake won me 1st place at work in a birthday cake competition for our 15th anniversary. The wedding cake I'm working on now is similar b/c it's a July 4th themed wedding.


I won 1st place in the amateur division for this carousel cake at the Kansas State Fair.


My first "paid for" wedding cake last October.


About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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20 Responses to Wedding Cake

  1. Suzie says:

    Your cakes are beautiful. I don’t know if I could handle all that pressure of making a perfect cake and getting it delivered in one piece. You must have a lot of patience :) If I had to eat out, it’d definitely be Subway. Those little one-tomato salads at Mac’s would get old ;) Well, you’re going to have a lot keeping you busy for the next week, you’ll probably lose weight without trying! :)

    • Veronica M says:

      I’m pretty much a nervous wreck each time I do a wedding cake. Every time I make one, I vow it’s my last. And then I do another! The only salad I like at McD’s is the southwest chicken, which has no tomatoes but it’s really yummy and satisfying! It’s got lots of lettuce & baby greens with corn, black beans, thinly sliced carrot, chicken (I get grilled) with a sweet chili lime glaze and seasoned tortilla strips on top. It comes with some spicy southwest dressing that’s 100 cals for the whole big pack. Love it. But not more than a couple times a week, thank you! Well, I don’t know about the weight loss being effortless this week. All this cake means lots of cake tops. I just ate some chocolate cake that I sliced off the top of two 10-inch layers. :( Not a ton, but more than I needed. Crap.

  2. cheryl says:

    Wow, those cakes looks awesome! you do such a good job! Girl, if i had to eat out it would def. be subway. Don’t worry you will be fine. You will be focused on so much this week, you’ll forget about the diet thing. Just make wise choices in your food. Girl, you may be the biggest loser this week ( as far as weight goes ). I know i would my nerves would do it for me if i had to make a cake like that…lol…But, you will be fine. Snack on vegis and nuts as you work. Keep us posted!

    • Veronica M says:

      I doubt it, you crazy losing girl! Another week of that ab thing and you’ll be down four whereas I’ll have eaten four pounds of cake! ahahahahaha. I laugh while I cry. ;) If only the cakes baked so flat that I didn’t need to cut any off. Then it would be easy not to nibble at.

      • cheryl says:

        I just made 3 dozen sugar cookies! Yes, me! I ate 6 cookies and a half of glass of milk, I feel so naughty! :) O-well back to the ab lounge tomorrow! Lol

        • Veronica M says:

          I’m in shock! You, of the whole wheat and wheat germ waffle fame? I thought you could do no wrong. ;) I like your attitude though–it’s done, now moving on! I think we should have an indulgence every now and again but I’m just trying to keep mine spaced further apart. Lately it seems I have one almost every day, which obviously has an effect on weight loss as I haven’t lost in two weeks!

          • Veronica M says:

            P.S. I just saw a recipe for “sugar saucers” on Annie’s Eats which are sugar cookies…the size of saucers! Now I’ve got sugar cookies on the brain but I REFUSE to make them. lol.

            • cheryl says:

              Goodness!!! Sugar saucers???? Holy Cow! No, mine were the size of a oreo cookie not very big at all. First time i cheated in months. Just gotta keep going! I went to town and failed to take my “HEALTHY” snacks with me…Lol…..i found myself indulging in Cheese its!!! Lol…But, I learned from this mistake…I usually eat 1 serving of oatmeal with some fresh fruit in the mornings…I didnot do this today…Oatmeal holds me over till atleast 2 or 3 in the afternoon! So i need the oatmeal from here on out!! Lol….I was out running errands and before I knew it i was so freakin hungry i could of ate my fist! I ate to light this morning. Girl, never again!! Lol….But, you know i could of stopped at a fast food restaurant ( wich i totally avoided!!) I made it home, and said never again. See I was used to that full feeling with the oatmeal wich i didnot eat this morning and my body said ” What, I am hungry!! “….O-well I made it home and ate some nutritous food…Lol

  3. Faith says:

    Your cakes are stunning! I can see how they’re award-winning! You should think about opening your own bakery.

    • Veronica M says:

      I know there are bakers out there with so much more talent and experience, but I am kinda proud of myself. At this point I really WOULDN’T open my own bakery. I couldn’t handle the stress. I love baking but owning my own bakery would pretty much kill me, I think. Maybe when I’m 60 and have out-grown my own drama.

  4. Dennis says:

    Your second wedding cake always impressed me…. how you could get it at that angle and it still didn’t fall :)

    But really every cake you have ever done does impress me, they always turn out perfect.

    • Veronica M says:

      Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I can’t stop laughing! You’re such an idiot–I love you so much. Thank you for having faith in me and thinking my cakes are perfect even though they are NOT! It’s a good thing you’re good at overlooking flaws, otherwise you’d have never married me, right? :)

  5. Michelle says:

    Veronica: WOW you are SO talented making these gorgeous cakes! I would LOVE to sit and watch you make one, one day! Good Luck, and I’ve always wondered how people make those huge tall intricately detailed cakes without them being messed up by the time they’re transported to where they need to go. DO tell! :)

    • Veronica M says:

      Dowel rods! You cut dowel rods just a little higher than each tier, insert 4-5 and place the next tier on with dowel rods in it too. Each cake is sitting on a cardboard round, which rests on the dowel rods instead of the cake beneath. To stabilize the entire thing, you put one long dowel rod through the entire cake & cardboards so that there’s something holding everything together. I personally choose to take the cakes in separate tiers then construct the cake on-site b/c travelling with a completed cake is torture for me–I get so stressed out thinking it’s going to fall over. I did take one to work completely constructed, that red white and blue one and that’s probably the only time I’ll do that. I had about a thousand heart attacks on the way. I have a blog on how I did that red white and blue one, which shows the dowel rods, if you want to check it out:

  6. biz319 says:

    Wow Veronica – you are so talented!! I am sure it will be just as gorgeous as the other ones! :D

  7. Marina says:

    I have all the confidence in the world that you will deliver another beautiful, professional looking cake…I am happy that there are people out there (Like you Miss Veronica) that have nerves of steel and the confidence to do a project like this….Not me…I’ll stick to homestyle cakes, cookies and desserts!! Love ya!!!

    • Veronica says:

      It’s nice to have friends that have so much confidence in me! You build me up! I’m nervous about the decorating, afraid the cake will look too juvenile. Cross your fingers!

  8. Ken says:

    It’s too elaborate to call it “amateur work.” If you still want to be an amateur, I recommend you to be the first person to cut these cake, and take a slab of sample to check for doneness before serve them no matter when or where.

    • Veronica says:

      Ha ha–yeah, I’ll start selling my cakes with a slice missing b/c I had to test them! Ha! I can’t call myself an amateur any more since I started selling cakes but I do feel an amateur since I don’t have much training and can’t do the things that most decorators can. And right now I don’t want to–I can’t imagine spending days just making fake flowers from sugar when I can buy real or fake ones and slap those on the cake.

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