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Ten Weeks, Ten Pounds!

I made my goal!  I lost 2.6 pounds exactly to get me to my goal of 10 pounds total lost on my tenth week of “going down!”  I lost 40 sticks of butter, baby! :D  And I had Dennis take some … Continue reading

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Despair Tastes Like a Gingersnap Cookie

*Warning: this is a majorly whiny blog so close your browser now if you don’t feel like being my silent therapist. I completely understand!  I can barely stand myself right now so I don’t expect anyone else to put up … Continue reading

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Week 9 Weigh-In & Waking with a low

This morning I remember having strange & vivid dreams and suddenly Dennis was shaking me and asking questions I didn’t understand, then he stabbed my finger to check my blood sugar.  It has taken him a while to get used to it, … Continue reading

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Week 8 Weigh-In and Month 2 Wrap-Up

I didn’t lose or gain anything this week–I stayed right at 167.  So today I started planning & tracking what I eat, which is kind of a drag but it’s the one thing that has always worked for me (and is also reportedly … Continue reading

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Week 7 Weigh In Results

I have gotten into a habit of being late on my Thursday weigh-in postings!  Well, I have good news.  The 2 pound loss stuck!  Yes!  I’m excited that I only have to lose 2 more to make the 10 pound … Continue reading

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Week 5 Weigh-In and a Wedding Cake Horror Story

I’m several days behind on this blog, but I’ve got good news–when I weighed in on Thursday, I had lost 1.6 pounds.  I’m a loser again–woo-hoo! :)  And I’m already showing another 2-pound weight loss since then so hopefully that … Continue reading

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