I loved play food & play dishes as a child.

My sisters and I (far right); I was a healthy weight growing up

My job as a nanny kept me active and in pretty good shape. 1998

Wedding day June 4, 2000; You can see my goiter but it got twice that large before I took radio-active iodine to kill it.

You can see the goiter on my neck a lot better in this picture.

Thanksgiving 2001. My weight rocketed from 127 to 190 after taking the radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid and starting on insulin.

With my Jessie girl during the Atkins diet in 2004; about 165 lbs.

With my hubby in 2005 at my lowest post-diabetes weight: 140 lbs.

In Denver's Botanic Gardens 2006; 150 lbs.

2007, about 155 lbs.

After running a half-marathon in 2008; 160 lbs.

With a friend March 2010; 170 lbs.

May 2010; 175 lbs.

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