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In August 2010, I entered an Our Best Bites giveaway on Facebook for a 45-day supply of HCG drops from HCG Drops Direct.  I’d never heard of them before so I looked at the website and liked what I read so I entered.  In my comment, I mentioned I’d love to try them and journal my experience on my weight loss blog.  I was pleasantly surprised when someone contacted me from the company, offering me a free bottle with no strings attached.  I said yes, of course!

I’ll give you the bare bones of how the HCG protocol works. You take 10 drops under your tongue 30 minutes before or after meals, three times a day.  The first two days, you eat as much as you can, maintaining a constant feeling of “stuffed.”  This is to load up your fat reserves, which makes the diet go smoothly afterward.  After that, you are limited in the kinds of foods you can eat, which are detailed in an email you get along with the drops, but you basically eat two meals a day with 4 oz of lean protein and veggies.  You also get two servings of fruit a day.  You’re only eating about 500 calories a day.

Sounds scary, right?  Well, the HCG is a hormone found in pregnant women that actually facilitates the process of accessing your “abnormal fat” (see the video on the HCG Drops Direct home page for more info on that) so that you burn that for fuel instead of going into starvation mode.  When I was on a 500-calorie a day diet in 2005, I lost 1 pound in three months.  My body thought I was starving and was using each calorie so efficiently that I could not lose weight.  So far I’ve been on the HCG drops for a month and have lost eleven pounds.  Most people report losses larger than these, usually losing a pound per day, but part of the reason mine is slower is that my period came in the third week of taking them.

When you’re on your period you are to eat normal/healthy.  I took this a little too far (potato chips, cookies & ranch dressing probably isn’t classified as “healthy”) and gained three pounds but it came off quickly once I started back on the HCG diet.

I am pleased with the results I’ve achieved with the drops.  I lost 13.6 pounds in 31 days (most people report a loss of 1 pound a day but it’s different for everyone) and took 2.75″ off my chest, 2.5″ off my waist, 2.75″ off my hips, 2″ off each my thighs, .75″ off each upper arm, and .75″ off my neck.

Although I missed the taste of my favorite foods and had cravings while I was on the strict diet, I had very little appetite and when I sat down to eat, I sometimes actually had to force myself to take each bite.  I often sat at the table with people eating normal foods and although I wanted to taste it, I did not have an overwhelming urge to reach over and stuff their food in my face.  I didn’t even have to resist, really, I just had a slight longing for the taste of it.  The HCG drops is very good at suppressing appetite so that you don’t suffer.

I should also mention that I’m an insulin-dependent diabetic.  I did not consult my doctor before starting these, but obviously you should if you are a diabetic.  I just didn’t think any doctor would approve of the extreme diet that goes with the drops unless they’d done a lot of research so I went rogue.  Anyway, I want any other diabetics out there to know that the HCG hormone and diet did affect my insulin needs, cutting the amount by half.  I was taking 24 units of Lantus and 24 units of Humalog a day, and now am taking 12 units of Lantus and about 9 units of Humalog a day.  I was suffering from low blood sugar in the mornings (which I fixed with an apple), but after my period it evened out and I rarely get lows any more.

I was not asked by HCG Drops Direct to advertise for them, in fact the only thing they requested was that I post at least two blogs about my experience–at the beginning and end, but I found out through a link I clicked that I could become an affiliate and since I’m happy with their product, I did so.  This means I get a commission if anyone buys the drops from them after clicking their link or ad on my site.  So if you are thinking about buying them, I would love it if you did it through me!  And the company I bought them from is very helpful–I have contacted them several times with questions and they have always replied promptly.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, or email me: vraklis at yahoo dot com.

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  1. Julie says:

    Are the foods that are allowed something that has favor or yucky? Just curious. I’ve read a couple of other blogs with this HCG and one found it impossible to do it and the other is doing pretty well.
    Also, when your 45 days are up and you go back to normal eating..what’s going to happen? When you up your calories to a healthy 1300 or so will the weight you lose come back or?
    I know more questions.
    Thanks for telling me about your blog. I was wondering about the recipes and the weight loss.
    So I’m off to see what trouble I can get into tonight. I’ve been outside all day working and am now in to relax and read.
    Take care and God Bless!!

    • Veronica says:

      The foods allowed are lean meats and veggies and spices so depending on how you prepare them is what makes them flavorful or yucky. I have made a lot of yummy meals but I have had a few bad ones too. It is hard work to do this because you do have to keep a certain determination not to eat anything not on the diet, even if it’s healthy, and that can be frustrating.

      Your second question about what will happen when I eat normally actually addresses a major concern and fear I have right now. I am good at following rules but when my food choices are up to me again, I’m afraid I will eat like a pig and gain it all back. What you’re supposed to do is eat a “normal” amount of calories but for the first month, stay off the sugar and starches. You are also supposed to weigh yourself every day to make sure you don’t go more than 2 lbs. over your ending weight. If you do, you have to have a day where the only thing you eat is a single steak. Ugh! I couldn’t do that–it would make me sick, so I’m going to do my best to stay within 2 lbs of my ending weight. If you are able to maintain your loss for a month, your hypothalimus supposedly resets to that weight, making it easier to maintain once you bring sugar and starches back into your diet.

      No worries about the questions–I’m here to answer them! Thanks for stopping by!

      • hi I started the drops on sept 1st and lost 10 lbs put back on 2 I am sticking to the plan but i may cheat a bit like have 3 potato chips or some nuts but should i take it for another mth and also is it ok to eat after 6 (healthy stuff)

  2. teresa says:

    Hi Veronica,
    I’m really wondering about the super low calories of this plan. I understand what they are saying… not sure I agree.
    Have you asked or tried… doing the drops and eating only allowed foods, but at a more reasonable calorie amount… at least 1200 calories a day. Why wouldn’t that work just as well?
    I’m definitely curious about this, although I’m hesitant to do anything related to hormones. But, mostly, I can’t see taking a chance on such low calories. I really believe it messes up ones metabolism in the long run.
    I really appreciate any information you can share.

    • Veronica says:

      You shouldn’t agree! Not until you read the book and have the facts under your belt. Under normal circumstances, the low calories would be dangerous. With the drops, your body is getting almost 3,000 calories a day because of all the fat you are burning. This is not possible without the drops. Not that I know of, at least. I have not and WOULD not try this diet in a normal weight-loss calorie range. I hate the foods allowed and only followed the diet because they are the only ones that don’t interfere with the hormone helping you burn fat. It was a necessary evil. The foods not allowed are not just unhealthy ones, but also healthy ones like artichokes and caulitflower, etc. Foods are not marked off due to calorie counts but due to how they interact with the drops. Since eating brocolli and pork tenderloin wouldn’t interfere with weight loss without the drops, I don’t see why I would follow this specific diet when not on them, you know what I mean?

      You are right–eating starvation calories (which this is) can totally and permanently mess up your metabolism. But that is not an issue if you’re taking the drops because like I said before, they allow you to bypass the starvation mode you’d usually go into and instead you burn crazy amounts of fat so that you’re actually using MORE calories than you possibly could without them. I have been off the drops for a week and a half now and have maintained my loss so far while eating normal calories so I don’t think that eating the low-calorie diet has messed up mine. Let me know if you have any more questions–hope this helps!

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  4. teresa says:

    So, now that some time has passed, what’s your final review of these drops and the whole plan?
    I’d love to know.

    • Veronica says:

      I need to write another blog about them with a follow-up b/c I actually went on them again for about three weeks, doing things differently, and had good results again. Seriously, the drops work. The second time around was a better experience b/c I did not get the rash this time, and I ate what I wanted (which is why I believe the rash didn’t come back). I still ate 500-600 calories, but I didn’t eat what they told me to. I tried to eat mainly protein and veg as they instruct, but I also ate fat & carbs. A typical day of eating would be 1 hardboiled egg with salt for breakfast, half a sandwich and a cup of sugar snap peas for lunch, 1/2 cup low-fat turkey chili with beans over salad for dinner. I exercised too, which allowed me to eat more (700 calories on those days) and still lose weight. I did the second round during the holidays and ended up cheating almost half the time I was on the drops, but I still managed to lose 7 pounds, despite gorging myself on holiday goodies. I really like them and would be on them again if it wasn’t for the cost.

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  6. Crazee says:

    I started the drops but once I was on day 1 of the vlcd I was very hungry. The second day was worse, my stomach growled the whole day and it hurt. I ate and ate on my loading days but still was very hungry on my 500 cal days. I just don’t understand what went wrong.

  7. ag says:

    i am on fifth day. 3rd day i lost 3 pounds and fourth one pound. i am vegetarian. i morning i drink tea and tofu. in lunch little bit cottage chesse and 6 pm again cotton chesse and tea without sugar. 10 pm i eat again tomoato or cottage cheese. i am not hugry but i have feeling tht i want to eat somethng. Do i am eating too much.

  8. Hilda says:


    Veronica thanks for your post very informative :)the my question is i was on the hcg drops 3 weeks after giving birth when i stopped bleeding and didI pretty good at first it was a little hard but in 4MX weeks lost 12 lbs anyway had to jave surgery so the dr took me off them two weeks before surgery and two after so now ive been off for 4 weeks im starting them again do i start with the 2 dayday high calorie diet like in the beginning or do i stay in the low calorie diet where i left off? Tried to google it but it would tske me to the phase two!

  9. do u have a diet sheet u can recommend I started sept 1st lost 10 gained back 2 help
    Is it that maybe im not drinking enough water?

  10. Erica says:

    just wanted to know why you have to wait 15 minutes before or after you take the drops, I really don’t like the tast of the drops so i really can’t take them without drinking water. I let them sit under my tongue for about 3 to 4 minutes and the are mostly absorbed, but after that i drink water to wash the rest of it down, i have been on the diet for about a week now and still have lost 4lbs. so i believe they are still just as effective.

  11. allegra hall says:

    What kind of food can you take while taken hcg can a fifteen old take the hcg

  12. Noemi says:

    I know Im kinda late but I was wondering if the hcg drops tasted weird to you at all .

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