I’m starting this blog as a diary of my weight loss efforts and achievements, mainly to motivate myself but if I end up motivating others, that’s even better!  

My struggle with weight began when I was 21 years old.  At that time I took a radio-active iodine pill to destroy my over-active thyroid (I was diagnosed with Graves Disease at 19) and was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  (I had untreated Graves Disease for so long that it shut down my pancreas, thus causing the diabetes.)  During the months following, I struggled with taking a correct amount of insulin with my meals and my thyroid hormone plummeted as my thyroid died.  I constantly took too much insulin, which resulted in low blood sugar and subsequent panicked eating when I tried to bring it back up to a normal level.  I ate too much, so I’d have to take more insulin to bring my blood sugar back down, but would again take too much and when it dropped too low again, I started shaking and sweating (symptoms of low blood sugar), and ate a huge amount again to fix it.  It was a vicious cycle.  As a result of these crazy eating cycles and my thyroid hormone dropping off, I gained 60 pounds in three months–50 of them coming on in the first two months.  Hello stretch marks!      

Me at about 180 lbs, Thanksgiving 2001


 I kept the weight on for several years and finally started dieting in 2004.  I lost 30 pounds with the Atkins diet, lost another 15 with the Idiot’s Diet, then another 5 by starving myself for three months.  Obviously starving myself was stupid, not only because it resulted in very slow weight loss, but because it caused me to start bingeing once I tried to eat normally again.  I was frenzied when I ate b/c I was SO HUNGRY, ALWAYS HUNGRY, when I wasn’t eating that it was like I was trying to bury that feeling beneath another even worse feeling of being painfully full.      

My husband and I in 2005; I was running at this time and about 140 lbs.


Me at 145 pounds in Denver's Botanic Gardens


 I have been gaining and losing weight, on a constant weight loss roller coaster since 2004.  My lowest weight has been 140 and my highest 190.  I am currently 175.  Besides the three diets mentioned, I have also been on the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Alabama 3-Day Diet, I’ve used e-Diets, done Weight Watchers and most recently started using sparkpeople.com (I recommend the last–it’s free and so helpful!).  

I’m ready to stop the roller coaster.  Stop the madness.  I want to eat healthy, but not obsessively so.  I want to eat treats once in a while, but rarely until I get closer to my weight loss goal (currently 140).  My current plan is to eat lean protein, veggies & fruits, whole grains, but not too many starches.     And I’m going to enlist God’s help this time, which I’ve never done before.  When I feel weak, I will call on Him to help me.  It seems so petty to ask God for help losing weight, so I never have, but losing weight will not only help me look better but feel better and I think that being healthy and feeling good is a pretty big deal.  

God help me, I’m ready to go down.  In a good way.      

May 2010; 175 lbs.

5 Responses to About

  1. Karen says:

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for saying how you found my blog; I always wonder. I am in Overland Park. Your food wins are very impressive and made me drool. I will be curious to see how you HGC experience ends up and what happens next.

  2. teresa says:

    Hi Veronica,
    I want to pass along a blog award to you.
    Come by my blog for the details.

  3. Toni says:

    Hi There!

    Found your blog and wanted to stop in and say hello! I too have been on many different “diets” and have recently started using dailyplate to monitor calories. So far, i’m having the best success this way!

    Will be back soon! Take care! :)

  4. yies1 says:

    Personality is what really matters, eternity is spent without the need to carry our bag of bones around. You look lovely as you are. I’m sure your husband fell in love with your personality, not your weight.

    Ask him.

  5. patricia says:

    hey. please email me :) i’m just not sure whether i should take hcg drops or not. huhu help :(

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