Tuesday Thanksgivings #19

I made a thanksgiving resolution to find something to be thankful for every day until next Thanksgiving.  Here’s what I’m thankful for this week!

Wednesday: mechanical pencils.  I use them exclusively, except when I’m writing checks and signing cards.  I believe in the power of erasing (I make lots of mistakes), and the power of not needing a pencil sharpener.

Thursday: That my husband got his old position back where he sits at a desk that has a direct phone number so I can call him whenever I want just to say “hi.”  I don’t know if he’s thankful to have me bothering him every chance I get, but I adore it. I think it actually lowers my blood pressure to hear him answer, “Quality, this is Dennis.” *sigh*

Friday: to Bill Clinton for establishing the family medical leave act, which allows me to call into work when I can’t make it in or need to come in late due to diabetes complications (usually low blood sugar) without fear of reprisal.  With the way the REC operates (you can potentially lose your job just for skipping a break or taking breaks one minute late or early), I bet I’d have been fired by now if I wasn’t protected by it.

Saturday: Although I would prefer to be thankful to be the proud winner of the weight loss competition with my co-workers (I wasn’t), instead I had to find something else and it wasn’t hard to do since I had a bunch of friends over that I haven’t seen in a while.  And I really am happy for Erika, who lost 18 pounds and 12 inches to win the competition!  She earned that money!

Erika and her prize money. We also had a surprise mini-shower for a co-worker's wife, thus the baby gifts on the table.

Sunday: That my house is clean.  Wow. This is amazing.

Monday: No work! I got to DGT again. :)

Tuesday: My house is still clean.  This is a miracle.

Side note: I know I missed my last weigh-in (or two) but I will update what is going on in the weight loss (or gain) department soon. It isn’t pretty but I’m not a lost cause.  No matter how bad it gets, it’s never too late to turn around and make some changes!  I am headed to Texas on Saturday for four days to visit friends (so excited!), so I will be back next week to fill y’all in. XOXO


About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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11 Responses to Tuesday Thanksgivings #19

  1. jaci hutter says:

    obsessively excited! Although I am a lil stressed bc I have been doing extra school to try and combat the fact I did none the week my sis was here (usually our Spring break is taken starting holy week…We took it early). I also plan to do no school when yall are here…we do school on Saturday yes I know…but really it’s no biggie bc we do 4 hours only a day so 4 hours a day 6 days a week isn’t bad. I am also giving them Monday off. Sooooo since I am doing extra hours I haven’t been scouring my house as I normally do. This means today and tomorrow I am gonna have to kick it into high gear. I keep a pretty tidy house but man when I have guests you could eat off the floor! lol!! I love Tuesday Thanksgivings! you should have a like button (aka fan page) on FB for both your blogs and your website!:) I wanna show yuz off! :D you so awesome! (are you sick of the accolades yet? lol)

    • Veronica says:

      I am too! I figured you were starting to stress and although I know it will do no good, I want to reassure you that we’d still eat off the floor even if it was dirty. That’s how we roll. ;) Ugh, I don’t know if I’ll ever have a f/b fan page for either of my blogs. I could prob be making $ off the other one b/c I get like 3,000 views a day now (still not many compared to others) but I don’t want to for the same reason I don’t want to sell my cakes any more. It’s my hobby and I don’t want to turn it into work. Besides, Going Down is a loser blog. I’ve been thinking about combining them into an “everything” blog with tales of my life, thoughts, recipes, Thanksgivings, weight loss adventures, etc. Not sure about that, though. Maybe. Anyway, I’ll be seeing you very soon! Woot!

  2. I love mechanical pencils too. My boys turned me on to them. I like the ones with cushions for my fingers:)

  3. Brenda says:

    I LOVE mechanical pencils… I used them throughout law school, on the bar exam, and all the time at work.

    I also appreciated FMLA when I had gall bladder surgery. Never think about those things until you really need it.

  4. I know what you mean about the hubby. My husband is in sales and his cell phone is his sole # but he’s in and out of meetings all day. He calls frequently, but once or twice I’ve had auto emergencies where I needed to reach him and I had to call and call and call before finally just calling AAA. I like the security of knowing I COULD reach him if I needed to.

  5. Suzie says:

    Great blog V!! Have fun in Texas :)

  6. Errign says:

    I always like to read these thanksgiving posts!

    I am not a fellow mechanical pencil lover – I am left handed and I HATE to write in pencil because it smudges and looks messy. :)

  7. biz319 says:

    Yep, there have been a few times when I’ve had to come to work late because my blood sugar is low – my office is very understanding though!

    Have fun in Texas!!

  8. BakeMe says:

    Thank you for being grateful :) It makes life more worthwhile, no? ;)

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