Tuesday Thanksgivings #10

I made a thanksgiving resolution to find something to be thankful for every day until next Thanksgiving.  I’m running late this week, but here’s what I was thankful for last week!


I try not to repeat myself too much on what I’m thankful for, but there are several things that I’m thankful for every single day and it would be hard not to repeat them.  First is God and my savior, Jesus Christ, another is Dennis, and of course my Jessie!  Without her happy smiling face, life would just not be as grand!  It’s funny, before we got her, I was an absolute dog hater.  I hated them from birth–hated, hated, hated.  I thought they were completely stupid, I hated that they bark, I hated their drool and stink, I hated that they lick you, sniff your crotch, pull your sanitary napkins out of the trash and tear them apart with their teeth….yeah, that happened to me once.  When I was at my then-boyfriend’s house (now husband’s).  Mortifying (and disgusting), I can tell you.  Before I fully realized what was happening, my new boyfriend was playing tug-of-war  with the dog he was babysitting, trying to get my pad out of its mouth!  I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die!!!  I’m sure Dennis was traumatized for life and it’s a miracle our relationship survived that fiasco!

Needless to say, Jessie turned me around and now I just love dogs to death, including all the things I used to hate about them.  They are the most innocent creatures and can have such a personality, I just adore everything about them.  I think she is the biggest reason I was able to let go of my panic that I would never have children of my own because at least with her, I feel like I have the next best thing.



I took this the morning after a hail storm. It tore a lot of leaves out of the trees and left a lot of dents in both our vehicles.

My car.  Several years ago I jumped it with the cables backwards (I should never be allowed under the hood of a car) and ever since, I have had no radio or CD-playing capabilities and in order to start my car, I have to turn the key while simultaneously holding down the “unlock” button on my door.  The rear window defroster does not respond when I hit the button to turn it on, but two or three times a year, usually during the summer, I will look down to find that the button is lit up and it is engaged.  My windshield wipers have been off-kilter ever since I put them on myself in 2005 (I just shouldn’t be allowed around cars period, probably not even behind the wheel), despite having many car shops adjust them.  Since our basement started leaking and we had to move everything in it to our garage, my car has suffered through three major hailstorms and has the battle dents to prove it.  There is a leak somewhere in the the antifreeze delivery system and depending on the time of year, we sometimes have to refill the tank every two days.  (Right now we’ve gone two months without having to add any antifreeze.)  The sunroof has leaked since the day we bought it and we eventually just caulked around the edge to keep water from getting in, which makes my car just that much more ghetto-fabulous.  A half-blind elderly woman side-swiped us one day, having not even noticed we were in the lane she decided to turn into, so there is a nice chunk of fiberglass missing from behind the back door on the driver’s side, along with some white streaks that haven’t come off in the two years since she hit us.

With everything my car doesn’t have going for it, it’s easy for me to focus on the things that are wrong with it, but when it comes down to it, my baby (her official name actually is Baby, though I’m thinking of changing it to Betsy now that she’s getting older and kind of senile) runs great and gets me to where I need to go and that’s all that really matters.  And I’m so thankful to have it!!

Friday: N&J Cafe! Now that I’ve been trying my hand at Mediterranean cuisine at home (so far I have made Mediterranean tacos and chicken shawarma –both so good!), I have seen the light and fallen in love.  I think I may love it even more than Indian!  Anyway, Dennis and I always go out to dinner on Friday nights if we can fit it into our budget, and decided on Lebanese since we’d been digging it at home and went to N & J Cafe, which we had only been to once before, when neither of us were very adventurous with food.  I had the beef shawarma sandwich with hummus and tabouli and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!  We went again today, and are planning to next Friday as well.  I see no end in sight because I crave their food every day now!

Don't let the unassuming appearance fool you, this stuff is off the chain!

Saturday: We always go grocery shopping on Saturday and although I usually take it for granted, it occurred to me to be thankful for the fact that nearly everything ingredient and food I could possibly want is available to me.  I can make foods from any culture or ethnicity I want to, and although it is a simple, basic thing, I should not take it for granted.  Not everyone has this privilege and even I may not always have it, as I do not know what the future holds, so I want to appreciate it while I do.

Sunday: It was a cardio day and I was a bit afraid to put any pressure on my knee but I tested it out with some Tae Bo and had no problems at all!  Hopefully whatever was wrong with it is gone for good.  I recorded my workout to post on our ICT 3 for 3 Facebook page b/c one of the members wanted us to post work out photos to inspire each other, so I’ll put it here too for those who have some time to kill.  It’s not very interesting unless you get off on wimpy girls punching & kicking with bad form, whining, and making grunts and grimaces.

Monday: Although I can think of many reasons why I’m not thankful for my brother-in-law, we celebrated his birthday on Monday, so I concentrated on the ways I am thankful for him.  He and my sister got pregnant while they were in high school and he stuck by her from the beginning and is still with her seven years after they met, which in and of itself is impressive. High school love usually burns out quickly.  They got married in 2007, and it is easy to see how much he still cherishes both my sister and their son.  I am so grateful that Lacey has someone that genuinely loves her.  That is such a blessing.

Owen and his Daddy

I couldn't resist inserting one of my favorite pictures of Owen with his Mama too!

If you can't tell by their attire, Lacey and Trevor had a bit of an unconventional wedding, but it was a joyous occassion and quite beautiful.

Tuesday: This day marked Snowmageddon 2011 for Kansas, and my husband’s truck decided this was the day it was going to stop running.  Although I was neither thankful for the snow nor the truck dying, I was thankful that since I had to give Dennis a ride to work, I wasn’t alone while navigating the snow-driven streets.  I usually am a mess when driving in this weather, but having him with me made me so much more confident!

A Wichita mailman on Wednesday. Can I just say again how thankful I am for our mail carriers?! If you got your mail during similar conditions, give a hallelujah!



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I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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17 Responses to Tuesday Thanksgivings #10

  1. Heather says:

    Been there, done that with the dog and chewed up pads in the boyfriend’s house! Mine married me, too. Our bathroom trashcans have lids now. Lol

    • Veronica says:

      LOL–glad I’m not the only one! Who knows, maybe this is a rite of passage we wives have to go through before our men will consider marrying us. Can we be mortified in front of them and still face them the next day? ha! Now, that has never been a problem with Jessie so I assumed that this was a boy dog thing. Did you girl dogs ever show interest in pads?

  2. dina says:

    LOL, I love your Video. I so need to do some of that! I still need to make those tacos, the week got away from me.

    • Veronica says:

      I get frustrated with Billy almost every time I do tae bo b/c he always pushes me beyond what I’m capable of, but that’s why it’s such a good workout and I also find it kind of fun. I feel kind of fierce while I’m doing it, and that is a cool feeling since I’m so not. fierce. Make the tacos! You will likey.

  3. Whew! it was a long one, but an enjoyable read :)
    I loved the viseo ( commented last week)
    Can i ask, what Trevor is wearing? Just being nosey, you know i am openminded and i love her attire, in both photos.
    Do appreciate being able to shop every week. There are alot of people i live by that can’t. or they have to eat alot of processed ‘cheaper” foods which are so unhealthy.
    LMBO about the pad thing, hahahah!!
    Hay, looks like we have the same mailman.. he’s looked like that a few times this year, we are so unbelievably buried in snow, it’s crazy. I hope we can get out for a ride tomorrow, i want to share pics!

    OOPS, I started rambling again, can’t help it, like adult company after being stuck in for over a week….

    • Veronica says:

      I know it’s hard to get through blogs this long, I will try to keep them shorter in future but thank you for reading! In their wedding picture, Trevor is wearing his old favorite trench coat that he has sewn a bunch of patches onto. He’s a musician–plays bass and sings in a band, has a bunch of tats & piercings–that kind of dude. He’s really sweet, though he has some issues. Man, I can’t even imagine how the mail carriers survive winters in NH!! Arg! So glad I’m not one of them. :) I don’t mind you rambling at all girl, I enjoy reading your thoughts. Thank you again for reading! <3

  4. Suzie says:

    Lol! At the dog story. I was surprised though that you didn’t used to love dogs. I just assumed you always loved them. Haley helped me and I didn’t go through empty nest syndrome as bad as I would have. And now with Roxy, being the handful that she is, it’s just like having a kid again! ;) The food from the restaurant looks fabulous. Can’t get that anywhere near here, so you are lucky :) My computer is slow right now, so the vid won’t load. I’ll check it out later on. That’s good about your BIL…I liked all the pics. We got the snow here Tuesday night. Most everything was closed on Weds. including work…yay! I haven’t checked the mail in days…guess I should do that huh?! ;)

    • Veronica says:

      Nope, I just didn’t get it until I had one of my own then I just fell in love–not only with Jessie but dogs in general. Now, I already liked cats so maybe that helped me love dogs too b/c I know some people really can’t stand animals. I think, though, that any one who owns a pet, esp a dog, will come around eventually. Maybe not everyone, but it seems inevitable to me. It doesn’t seem possible to have all that happiness and love staring you in the face without your heart melting. I hope Miss Roxy is doing OK. I worry about her.

      • Suzie says:

        Just an FYI, Roxy is doing okay. If I keep her meds where they are she’s fine. You can tell though if I accidently miss a day :( Otherwise, Mama is keeping her well and happy!

  5. The story of your car made me chuckle. I am far from a mechanic. In fact, I am sure this is one of the things my dad was disappointed with about me. Jumping it backwards is something I would have done before I had to learn how to do it. :-)

  6. ajh says:

    Dogs bring you so much joy, don’t they. And cars can bring you so much hassle. What is with the weather, it seems it is dangerous on both sides of the world!

  7. jaci hutter says:

    I laughed I cried…I almost peed…blahahaha! Seriously that musta been embarrassing! I thought it was bad when I lent a pair of pants I meant to throw away to an old boyf that had period stains in them!! clean but stained–still mortifying…so much so I can’t believe I am about to post it but whatev! lol I love your blogs—they are just ridiculously great!!! go girl! ps I REEEEEALLY wish my video player worked..I can hear but not see—well I can see but it doesn’t move in sinc at all really skippy:(

    • Veronica says:

      Mortifying! I think we all have stories that involve our periods. As if we need any more punishment other than suffering them in the first place! Aw, thanks, Jax, I’m glad you likey. I’m sorry you can’t watch the vid but rest assured, you’re not missing much. Thanks for reading girl!

  8. I had to chuckle about your car history! I have a train wreck of a car too. I bought I am not joking a 1992 Nissan Pathfinder from a friend of mine for $500.00 just as a back up car to get me around town. 2 weeks after I got it, I wrecked our first car, (which wasn’t that much better). The Nissan is LOUD, two windows don’t work, there is no windsheild wiper fluid (it won’t stay in), so occassionally you’ll see me get out with a jug of windshield wiper fluid to splash the windshield if it gets bad. It’s so klassy! :)

    But, it gets me where I’m going, and I’ve been driving 500 dollar car for a year so I’ve got that goin’ for me!

    Have a great day – go Taebo!

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