Belated Tuesday Thanksgivings #4

With my holiday schedule, I don’t get off work until 8:15 PM and I have been spending my shortened evenings making up loads of fattening goodies (and practicing self-restraint…most of the time.  OK, at least half the time.).  And no matter how much I make, there is always another reason to make more!  I got caught up in making white chocolate & peppermint pretzel rods last night and before I knew it, it was almost 2 AM and I had to get my rear in bed!

And that is why I’m a day late on my weekly thanksgivings blog.  Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been thankful for this week.


My AuntRuby’s party mix recipe.  It was my first time making it and just the familiar smell was enough to evoke sentimental childhood memories.  This party mix has been a part of my life ever since I can remember and it was a joyful thing to recreate it in my own kitchen.


Atkins Advantage protein shakes.  I slug one down every day at 1:45 to help get me through until my lunch break at 5:45.  So far, my favorite is the Mocha Latte.


Playaway devices.  I listen to audiobooks while I work, and I much prefer these small pre-recorded audio devices than lugging around my CD player and a set of CDs.  This is especially handy during December, when we are not allowed to leave our stuff at our terminal when we go on breaks.  My fifty-pound purse and wrist rest are enough to haul around without adding in the CD player and CDs, thank you!  BTW, this book isn’t terrible but I wouldn’t recommend it.  It’s about a girl that is commissioned to finish a newly discovered Jane Austen manuscript and really there’s just not much to the story.  It’s OK, but not worth your time if you value it.  Go for stories by Jane Austen instead.


I had to work and missed the family Christmas party which I was bummed about, but I easily found the silver lining.  This is terrible, but I was thankful that at least I wasn’t tempted to eat things that would keep me from losing weight this week!!  (Such as that plate of chocolate peppermint chip cookies up there that I sent to the party with Dennis.)  I would have rather been there with the family, but at least there was an upside to my inability to attend.

Sunday: My sister, Danielle.  We celebrated her birthday, and I’m also thankful that hers is the last December birthday! (December is such a hectic time with the usual holiday hustle and bustle, the longer hours at the Post Office, and all the birthdays–my husband and both my sisters were born in December!)

Giving baby Danielle a smooch.

Growing up, I was closer to Danielle than Lacey because we are closer in age (two years versus six years), but I was never really friends with her until we were adults and started working together.  For a time, we were self-employed and went door-to-door together painting addresses on curbs.  And then we both got hired on at the Post Office and worked there together for about a year until Danielle started working as an industrial engineer for Hawker Beechcraft (so proud of her!).  During those years, we developed a really tight bond and I have to say that Danielle was, is, and will probably always be, my closest friend.  Besides my husband, she is the one person I feel like I can share anything with and when you’ve known someone that long, you hardly even have to talk in order to understand each other.  I feel so blessed to have her as my sister and friend.

Monday: I was able to wear one of my pairs of what I call “skinny jeans,” which in Veronica language means a pair of jeans that isn’t size 16.  It’s a pair that I’ve had over five years and doesn’t have the crotch worn out from my thighs rubbing together because when I can fit into them, my thighs aren’t big enough to rub together enough to cause that problem.  Woo-hooooooooo!

Wearing my "skinny jeans."

Tuesday: I got some of my groove back.  I was wearing my “skinny jeans” and felt really confident and was able to look people in the eye as I passed by them at work.   When I’m overweight (OK, I’m overweight now, but I mean more overweight), I really have trouble looking people in the eye when I pass by them at work.  I feel like I’m in a constant state of apology for being ugly and I don’t want to have to force someone to look at me by looking at them first.  I don’t want to be noticed and I resent pretty people because I imagine they are judging my disgustingness.  Yes, I realize I’m quite mental but at least now that I’m smaller, this isn’t such an issue.  I feel like I’ve gone past the point where my weight is holding me back from being social.  Granted, I still have major antisocial tendencies but at least they are no longer compounded by how I feel when I’m busting out of my plus-sized jeans.

That wraps up this week! I’ll have my weigh-in tomorrow and if things keep going the way they are, I will have something else to be thankful for. :)


About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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9 Responses to Belated Tuesday Thanksgivings #4

  1. Heather says:

    Your Tuesday paragraph had me rolling. You are so funny! That’s why I love ya. :)

  2. Just visited your blog today, oh how I have enjoyed your success, your human setbacks and refreshing honesty! Can’t wait for the next one! Congrats on your commitment to your health, and I must compliment you on your beautiful cakes (the one for your aunt and uncle I KNOW was a work of love!) You are a beautiful and talented woman, I am glad to have met you in “Blog World”…lol…feel free to visit my blog….Happy Cookin!

  3. Nicole V says:

    Aw V! You are SO not ugly even if you were fat. And you were never really fat anyway. Someone must have been particularly cruel to you when you were growing up. To have caused you to feel so poorly about yourself even as you became an adult. :( But I know how you feel… when you don’t feel your best, it’s hard to want to be social because of the self consciousness. Thankfully adults aren’t nearly as petty as kids in middle/high school were. No one looks at you and thinks, EW she’s too ugly/fat to want to be friends with. Trust me, I only really got to hang out with you for 10 min. 3x a week for about a month or two and I REALLY enjoyed your company! You’re the type of friend that makes you feel like they’ve known you forever. You’re just so easy to be friends with! :)

    Oh and it’s a good thing I didn’t join the competition while being preggo… I thought I’d gain maybe 5-10 lbs. cause it’s typical in the beginning… NOPE. I gained 20 in these first 3 mo (11 just last month)! HOW THE HECK is that possible?? I think because I dieted so long (about a year) that by body/metabolism has gone crazy thinking it needs to stock up for baby or something. It’s incredibly infuriating! I gained it so quickly that I feel weighed down. I feel “huffier” when I walk long distance or quickly. It’s not like my physical fitness level declined… but the extra weight makes more work. YUCK! I really didn’t want to have another fat pregnancy, but looks like it’s the norm for me.

    • Veronica says:

      I was not only fat, I was obese! But thank you for saying that. Yeah, my Mom was pretty mean and really terrorized me about my weight (despite the fact that I was never over 115 pounds when living with her), but she also suffers from mental illness so I don’t know how much of her meanness stemmed from that. She’s even more off her rocker now but is incredibly kind. It’s really weird. Thank you for all your kind words–they mean so much. I’m sorry you’re gaining faster than you’d like too! Hopefully it will come off just as quickly after you give birth. I’ve heard breast feeding really helps with that.

  4. This was such a heart-warming post! The cookies look just like ones my mom made, but hers were pb chip. I love the sisterly love too, I wish I had that with my sis.
    I know what you mean about feeling apologetic. I get that way too, more then I like to admit.

    • Veronica says:

      I’m sorry you don’t gots the sister love. It’s a wonderful thing, but at least you’ve got the Granny love, right? Some things just aren’t meant to be, but perhaps one day you and your sis will become buds. And stop feeling apologetic about your looks–you’re beautiful and you prove it every week in your DEE vlogs!

  5. biz319 says:

    For the record, any pants under size 16 are skinny jeans in my book! Sorry you missed your family party but love that you got to spend time with your sis.

    Merry Christmas Veronica to you and your family! :D

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