Hot 100 Week 4

  • Really?  I’m already four weeks into this challenge?!  How did that happen?  I really need to get my show on the road–I’ve completely stalled since I’ve gone off the HCG drops.  Although I’m happy to have pretty much stayed where I left off with them, I am not at my goal weight and I need to start moving again.

    So despite eating like a T-Rex the past week, I was pleasantly surprised to have only gained .8 pounds.  That is damage I can repair within a week.   My weight is now 150.2.  Naked and after using the bathroom.  That’s how you weigh in the morning, right?  :)

    So here’s how I’m doing on my goals:

    Losing weight: didn’t happen.

    Exercise: still doing good, but not as good as before.  It was hard to go out and run when I was weighed down by ten tons of salty & sweet.  I got in two cardio and two strength-training sessions.

    Vitamins, fruit & veggies: I did well with the vitamins, missed only two days, but I didn’t meet my fruit and veggies quota (four servings per day) for three of the days.  This is not OK with me.

    Blood sugar: this one is doing worse and worse as the challenge goes on.  In my last post I didn’t mention this, but part of the reason I was eating like a T-Rex was because of multiple episodes of very low blood sugar.  Obviously I didn’t have to eat junk to fix them, but I did have to eat a LOT more carbohydrates than I usually would to fix a low blood sugar.  I also had my highest blood sugar of all time this last week and I’m starting to get scared b/c I’ve never had so much trouble keeping my blood sugar stable so I’m calling my doctor tomorrow.  My average blood sugar for last week was 169 (lowest ones in the twenties and highest was almost 500!–see I told you, SCARY!)

    This week my goals are all those above, but also to keep a food journal daily and write EVERYTHING I eat in it.  I’m going to make it a great week!


    About Veronica

    I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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    11 Responses to Hot 100 Week 4

    1. Julie says:

      Do call your doctor. You’ve got to get that blood sugar under control. My best bud has these troubles when her carbs are all screwed up and my sister is always in the 300-500’s and they just can’t get her controlled. So I know it’s important to take care so do this, it frightens me to read this so take care of yourself.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Take care and God Bless!!

    2. I have a post written about “how you weigh yourself”, I just haven’t posted it yet. Too funny!!

      Very scary on the blood sugars. Gotta get that under control!!

    3. Charlotte says:

      I find the food journal to be one of the most effective tools available. And even if you have one of those T-Rex moments, write it down so you can dock that boat and get on dry land before you drown. (Was that Texan enough? Was I drippin’ with drawl, y’all?) Seriously, I love that you’re going to journal it. Sometimes I have short-term memory loss (calorie-related only). The journal usually cures that sucker right up. Hope you get that sugar whipped into shape too.

    4. Be careful Veronica. I couldn’t agree more with the others, it is probably time to call the doc. Prior to reading why, I had to chuckle at the comment of eating like a T-Rex. I have been there before!

      Oh, and weighing – yep, for me it is almost naked (undies only) right after using the restroom in the morning. It is the only way to be consistent.

    5. Karen says:

      I’m with Steve – undies on. But post bathroom and nightshirt off. Maybe I should see how much those undies weigh!

      BTW – I had blog issues yesterday so apologize that I lost your comment on the drafting post. I did read it first and loved that you brought up the bird thing. I had forgotten how we used to use that analogy way back when I used to work in Human Resources.

    6. Carla says:

      You can do it V! Oh I know T-Rex very well too. ha ha

    7. biz319 says:

      Yep – something is really wrong – you should have such huge swings like that – lows in the 20s and highs near 500?!! Your scaring me! :(

      Try keeping 100% pure apple juice in the fridge – 1 serving has like 36 grams of carbs for only 150 calories, and you are getting vitamin C. Glucose tabs are only 10 calories, but with numbers so low, you would need to eat way too many and I don’t think it would react that quickly.

      Let me know what you find out!

    8. Suzie says:

      I agree with others also, see your doc! And soon, we don’t want anything to happen to you :) I weigh myself the same as you do…tee hee! I have T-Rex times and it’s usually once a month…lol! ;)

    9. Vicki says:

      WOW!! I totally agree with the others!! I know you know this, but your lows are way to low and your highs are way to high. I go to the dr. next Tuesday to get my A1C and I’m worried because I haven’t been tracking my sugar. My highest ever that I know of was in the 300’s. I’d like to keep it around 120.

      Praying you get your blood sugar under control!!!

    10. ajh says:

      I’m a “undies and singlet” weigher, but straight after I get up and “go” every Saturday morning for my official measured weigh-in.

      I agree with the others about getting the doc to check the blood sugars! Go do it!

      I put up some pictures of Jackie on my post today – sorry I forgot to do earlier!

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