I refuuuuuuuuuse!

I had an eating freak-out.  It lasted all week.  I still exercised and took my vitamins but I didn’t always get my fruits and veggies in and I ate foods that made me feel like….

It first began with a weight loss competition that I’ve started with my hubby and some friends.  We’ve worked out the rules and everything but don’t plan to actually start the competition until November 5 (more details to come).  In the past, I’ve always gorged on fattening foods leading up to the day when I planned to start a diet and although I didn’t intend to do that this time, it seems that I have given in to that mentality quite a bit.  But I refuse to regain the weight that I have worked so hard to lose!

I refuuuuuuuuuuse!

Look at these jeans.  Look at what my thunder thighs did to them.

Take a closer look!

I refuse to wear the crotch out of another pair of jeans!

I refuuuuuuuuuse!

And I refuse to become the girl who has the jeans-destroying thunder crotch.  Look at these thighs–they are way too friendly with each other, and I guarantee I don’t walk with my feet a foot apart like this, so you can imagine how much more friendly they can get when you’ve got the thunder from down under going on:

I refuuuuuuuuuuuuuse!  Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

This blog is supposed to be about the END to my weight loss roller coaster.  Which means I must stop this momentary derailing in its tracks.  No more pretzels with marshmallows smeared with peanut butter and dipped in chocolate chips.  No more giant sugar cookies, candy bars, peanut buster parfaits, Burger King, entire bags of chips, cupcakes.  At least not in the quantity I ate them this week.

I will eat healthy foods that make me feel good.  I will take vitamins and exercise.  I will continue to lose weight.  I am worth the effort to feel and look good.  God gave me this body and I am going to show it some respect.

The end.

About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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13 Responses to I refuuuuuuuuuse!

  1. Dennis Miller says:

    Good for you! The first step in taking initiative is realizing that something must be done.

    I know I have a bad habit of trying to get in my ‘last good meal’ before I get all high minded and healthy. It is really stupid, one of the best ways to get to a goal is to begin like you are going to end. If you know that ‘when you get to your ideal weight’ you will be eating _________ you’ll think like ________ and you’ll feel like ________. Well, if you know all that already, just start doing it now.

    Of course that’s easier done than said (yes I know I what I just typed) :)

  2. thebettylife says:

    Sounds like you have the right attitude! I love your style “Look how friendly my thighs are” LOL. Look forward to read your updates :)

  3. Sharon says:

    whoo hooo! I LOVE your attitude

  4. Julie says:

    You will, I know you will. Especially since I know you’ve done so well so far. You just get back on your life style change and all will work out great. Good luck with your challenge, I hope you beat them all.
    Take care and keep up the great work, I have faith.
    God Bless my dear!!

  5. I love the great attitude I am seeing at the end of this post. You can do this Veronica!!!

  6. Charlotte says:

    Oh, yeah, I do that pre-weight loss gorge too. I always try to justify it, but really, what’s the justification? I can totally relate to the photos of your jeans. I guess I too have a “jeans-destroying thunder crotch!” That’s one of the funniest phrases I’ve heard in a long time, and I will admit to you now that I fully intend to work that phrase into casual conversation in the very near future. No more making clothes afraid to be worn!

  7. Carla says:

    LMAO..or should I type..LMCO!! That is funny but in another sense, not so funny! You right V..you are worth the time and effort..Good luck girlfriend, you can do it! ♥

  8. Karen says:

    Yep, I hear ya. My blog was supposed to do the same for me too. I guess I need to do it for myself:(

  9. Jenna says:

    I also though the phrase “jeans destroying thunder crotch” was pretty dang funny–I’m glad you have such a humorous and yet go-getter perspective.
    You can do it!!!!!

  10. Suzie says:

    You have such a great attitude and you always keep your sense of humor showing, keep up that attitude!! :)

  11. Errign says:

    I do the same thing to my jeans. I have convinced myself that my thighs are just meant to touch. :)

    • Veronica says:

      LOL! Well, I think only reaaaallly skinny chicks have thighs that don’t touch at all, but it definitely speeds up the crotch-destroying process when they touch as much as mine used to. :)

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