Driver’s License Renewal

I had to go to get my driver’s license renewed last week.  I’m a pretty low-maintenance gal and the only makeup I usually wear is once a week on Sunday when I slick on some eyeliner and mascara.  I bought a set of Bare Minerals makeup (which I love) five years ago and all the containers are still more than half full because I so rarely use it.  There’s just once or twice a year when I break out those big guns, and getting my license renewed is one of the few qualifying occasions.

I swirled, tapped, and brushed on the bisque (concealer–obviously I’m having major zit issues b/c even this tremendous stuff couldn’t cover them), base color, and mineral veil and then brushed on eyeshadow and blush, did the eyeliner and mascara thing and then even went so far as to slick on some lipstick.  I usually avoid lipstick like the plague since I have small lips and lipstick tends to make it painfully obvious, so I chose a light-reflective color to deceive the viewer.  I may not wear makeup much now, but I picked up a few tricks as a teen. :)

Anyway, I expected to see a lot of other people at least semi-gussied up, maybe at least have combed hair, but I seemed to be one of the few people in the (very long) renewal line that cared one iota how they looked!  I felt so pretentious standing there in my nice clothes (nice in comparison, anyway) and high-heeled boots with my makeup shield in place.  Still, I like to look nice in a picture I’m going to flash of myself for the next six years.  Am I alone here?

Anyway, the cool thing is that when asked my weight, I didn’t have to be embarrassed by the number I gave.  150 is not my goal weight but it is much improved from 190 (my highest weight).  I’ve worked hard to get to that number and I’m proud of it.  And it happens to be five pounds under the weight I reported the last time I renewed my license six years ago.  There’s been a lot of ups and downs in these six years in between and five pounds isn’t a huge improvement in six years but I’m still happy about it.  It could have been a twenty pound gain if I’d gone in to renew it five months ago!

When I got home, I told Dennis he had to take some pictures of me since I never wear a full face of make up.  It needed to be documented–lol!  I won’t bore you with the pictures he took of me, except for the one above, but my little Jessie girl decided she would join me and I thought I’d share those with you.  She almost never stays still long enough to pose with me and if I catch her, she’s usually trying to get away and not smiling so these pictures are pretty miraculous.  Enjoy!

Jessie is 6 years old and the light of my life!  I often refer to her as my four-legged daughter, which she really is. Nothing can change my mood from bad to good like she can by just entering the room.  Dogs are the best therapy, aren’t they?

Question of the day: do you get gussied up for your driver’s license picture?


About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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23 Responses to Driver’s License Renewal

  1. Dennis Miller says:

    One of the perks of being at a good weight… no embarrassment at the DMV!
    I think I weigh more now then six years ago, I’ve got to get on the ball (the exercise ball that is… ha ha ha ha).

    But you really are doing great! :)

    • Veronica says:

      I wouldn’t say I’m at a good weight, but def better. I’m glad we’re getting healthier together this time–that makes it easier! Thanks, hon.

  2. I hate getting my picture taken for my drivers license! You’d THINK that I would care because you’re right, you have to look at it for many years but I so don’t care. I usually don’t think about it until I’m standing against the wall thinking “is my hair brushed?” CLICK. Too late. Oh well. It’s NICE that you care!! Good for you!

    I actually like that my weight is UNDER what my drivers license says! Not that’s I’ve been doing well but it is still about 15 lbs. under! Yea!

    Cute dog!

    • Veronica says:

      I like that you don’t care. You are too caught up in important things to care about something frivolous! At first I was appalled that no one got dressed up but now I think I respect them for not being fake. Very cool that you’re under the weight on your license–I don’t think that happens often b/c many women lie about their weight!

  3. I don’t deliberately get fixed up, but I am almost always in my work attire, which is a shirt and tie. The best thing about renewing now is stating my weight though. Woot! It feels good, doesn’t it?

  4. junecutie says:

    I love the pictures of you and your Jessie girl! I bet part of the reason she’s such a happy girl is because you are a happy girl. Congratulations on your progress! I know I don’t reply to your super posts as often as I should, but please know that I always read them and smile and send you lots of good energy. Much love and many blessings……read you later…..junecutie

    • Veronica says:

      Thank you so much! I think you’re right–she’s blissful because I am…most of the time–lol. But half the reason I’m in such a good mood most of the time is because of her! So maybe we feed off each other’s positive energy. :)

  5. Karen says:

    I put on some eye makeup too:) And don’t normally use it. Love those photos.

  6. Aw, the Driver Liscense! I hate going to take care of mine. I don’t usually do anything different. I just smile and go! Lol, Usually I am in a hurry to get home because I have to get something cooked for dinner. Cute doggie!

  7. Wisened One says:

    You look great, Veronica! I’ve been using Bare Minerals for years now. But like you, I rarely wear make up. I recently renewed my drivers license and miraculously my pic turned out pretty decent for the first time in YEARS! (And I also had some mineral make up on that day, I think). But still…usually they take it when you’re blinking or got a goofy mouth or something, lol.

    And LOVE your doggy, she looks so sweet and like she’s loved and spoiled! We also call our Cindy puppy our ‘daughter’ and even get clothes for her and stuff. Dean loves to spoil her and take her for rides, it’s just adorable! lol.

    See you at your Party! I can only stay for about 30 to 45 mins though, since I’m working at The Haunted Warehouse at Kellogg and Tyler (you guys should go one weekend!).

    • Veronica says:

      Don’t you love Bare Minerals? So much better than any of the goop I used to use. I know, somehow no matter how hard I try to look nice my picture almost always looks terrible. I think they wait until your face looks wrong and then *snap!* ;) My face looks a lot fatter than I expected it too but I won’t know exactly how the pic looks until I get my license in the mail. All I have right now is a black and white picture on receipt paper to act as my temp license until it comes and it’s pretty grainy. Yup, our jessie is spoiled but I think Cindy is a little more with her fancy bows and outfits! She’s such a princess. :) OK, we’ll see you then. You’ll have to eat fast and be sure to get a piece of cake before you go.

  8. Faith says:

    Adorable pics, Veronica! Jessie is an absolute sweetheart!

  9. Suzie says:

    I had to look at my driver’s license, I didn’t think my weight was on there and it’s NOT!! So I guess here in MI…they just expect us to be all to be fat…lol! ;) Just my height and eye color are on there. And I see I have to renew in January….boo hoo!!! Yes, I will get fixed up too. But, I wear makeup everyday, except for weekends if I’m just at home. Anytime I go out though I have makeup on. I love the pics of you and Jessie, she is such a happy girl :) My Haley and Roxy are my daughters also. They always put me in a good mood too. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Roxy got hurt a few days ago and I was in panic mode. I was shaking and freaking out. She is getting better though. She chased a rabbit under a shed and got stuck…just like a child!! Ha ha!

    • Veronica says:

      That is crazy! I thought they had your weight on licenses in every state. I had to go look up your birthday on facebook since you mentioned renewing in January, now I’ve got it marked in my calendar so I won’t miss it. :) Poor Roxy is always getting stuck somewhere–I still remember when she got caught under the shovel on that tractor thing (sorry, you can tell I’m not a farm girl) and Haley dug her out. That was so cute! I’m glad she’s OK.

  10. biz319 says:

    That’s so funny because I just posted about wearing makeup – something I rarely do.

    Nope, I don’t get gussied up for my driver’s license picture anymore – maybe in my 20’s I did!

  11. ajh says:

    You’re so right about dogs. I’ll post a photo if my little darling tomorrow if I remember.

  12. Charlotte says:

    Those pictures are great! Both of you girls look so pretty. I love Bare Minerals too. Of course, I’m a makeup junkie, and I’ve tried just about every brand out there. I think it’s great you had your husband take some pics of you. I still have very few of myself, because I’ve always been the one holding the camera, mostly because I didn’t want to have to look at a picture of myself at this weight. But it’s coming off, and then I’ll turn my husband into a photographer.

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