Week 18 Weigh-In

I never posted my weight from last week, which went up to 158.8 during Aunt Flo’s visit.  I weighed in at 152.4 yesterday morning, a 6.2 pound loss. Woot!

So I finally proved to myself that I really CAN’T eat stuff not allowed while taking the HCG drops, or the weight loss really will stall.  I’m not talking jelly doughnuts and Fritos chips (which obviously would wreak havoc on any weight loss plan), I’m talking ANYTHING, including healthy stuff that is so low in calories it may as well be air.  I bought a huge jar of pickled okra (an HCG diet no-no) at Sam’s Club on Wednesday and I convinced myself that there was NO WAY I would stop losing weight if I ate five okra (only 10 calories).  So I ate them.  My weight loss every day up until yesterday had been over one pound but Thursday I was only down .4 pounds.  I figured that was still OK and ate another five okra yesterday.  Only lost .2 pounds when I weighed in this morning.  Now that’s a good amount if you’re following a healthy diet, but that is really pathetic if you’re on HCG drops and only eating about 500 calories a day.  I refuse to work this hard for a measly .2 pound loss!  So I’m off the pickled okra until the end of the drops.  Phooey.  I love pickled okra almost more than anything in the world!  Only a few more weeks, and they’re MINE! Mwahahahahahaha!

Sorry, my love for okra kind of possessed me for a second.  Anyway, yesterday marked the start of The Hot 100 challenge so I’m one day in and super pumped to meet my goals!  I’ve already got a head start on the first one, getting down to 145, since I’m now only 7.4 pounds away.  Woot!

So there are other things I want to talk about: my low-carb diet allergy (seriously) and home remedies for yeast infections.  But I always make my blogs way too long so I’m going to make a point to do these in two separate blogs this week before my next weigh in.  So you have some interesting (if yucky) stuff to look forward to!

Peace out!


About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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7 Responses to Week 18 Weigh-In

  1. Jo says:

    Veronica, thanks for visiting my blog. An NSV is a Non-Scale Victory. Something you couldn’t do before you lost some weight. In my case yesterday, running to catch my dog. Or it could be someone noticing you have lost weight. Or being able to fit into a smaller size – or two. Any little victory that is not directly related to what the scale says.

  2. Suzie says:

    Great job V! Looks like the drops really work well for you. I can’t believe your so close to your goal! Yay!! You’re going to look awesome for your b-day party. You don’t have to shorten your blogs, I like how long they are :)

    • Veronica says:

      They have been, and I hope they continue to. My actual FINAL goal is probably like 135 but 145 is my Hot 100 goal and yes, I’m so glad it seems within reach! I’m glad you like my long blogs, but some of my readers don’t know me and don’t care as much so I would like to keep them shorter so that they don’t lose interest. Shorter is sweeter when it comes to blogs–I know from experience how frustrating it is when someone is always posting loooong blogs. I really don’t want to take the time to read them when I have so many others.

  3. Dawn says:

    Wow…what a great weight loss. Congrats!

  4. It is so strange how such random things are a no-no on this diet. I wish I knew why! Must be some sort of molecular thing.
    Your progress is pretty amazing, I am excited for you!
    I know how you feel with the long blogs. I try to pack mine with info and they get loooong!

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