HCG Drops Diet Phase 1: Loading

I forgot to post on my weigh-in day but I’m pleased to report I lost .8 pounds last week.  Not phenomenal, but I’m still trucking along.

I received the HGC drops on Saturday, which set back my start date a few days and I began yesterday, Sunday August 29th.  Throughout the HCG protocol, you take ten drops of the HCG under your tongue, hold it there for thirty seconds before swallowing.  You do not eat or drink anything for thirty minutes after taking it.  The first two days are much different from the remaining weeks of the diet (you do it for a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 42, with four weeks off each time), as you are “loading” up your fat reserves so that the rest of the diet goes smoothly.

“Loading” is very much what it sounds like.  You’re pigging yourself out for two days, keeping yourself in a constant state of being stuffed.  If you watched the video in my last post, you know that this diet says there are three types of fat: 1) structural fat, which is part of your body’s makeup and is necessary for cushioning tissues, etc. 2) fat reserves, which your body stores for emergencies when you aren’t eating enough calories, and 3) abnormal fat, which is the fat it stores beyond what is needed in the reserves.  Apparently this type of fat is harder to burn and the HCG hormone facilitates the process of using it.

So the first two days are required to make sure your fat reserves are fully stocked because, if you are like me and have been losing weight, your fat reserves are low.  Fat reserves are the first thing you burn when your body needs to compensate for inadequate fuel.  It will then reach for your abnormal fat, but the HGC makes it a lot easier for your body to release it.  Anyway, if your fat reserves are low, this makes the HGC protocol very miserable for the first week or two as your body is not wanting to access the abnormal fat since your reserves are low and since you are on a very low-calorie diet (VLCD), you will feel lousy if you aren’t able to use the abnormal fat.

So I’m winding up day two of the HGC protocol and am really ready to start this VLCD.  I hate feeling stuffed and although I’ve been trying to stay stuffed all day, it has been impossible for me.  I dared to get slightly hungry before dinner both yesterday and today.  But I have seriously been eating tons of high-calorie foods and I think I’ve done a decent job storing up my fat reserves:

Day 1:

Breakfast: THREE of the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls that I made with extra sugar.  The first made my heart lurch.  The third nearly killed me.

Lunch: my beloved Gourmet Supreme burger with fries and a REAL Pepsi from Spangles.  It has probably been about eight years since I’ve drunk an entire regular, non-diet pop, and it just felt so wrong!  I felt like I’d been hit by a semi after eating all that and now I remember why I eat hamburger salads instead.

Snack: half a tub of sour cream and chive dip with potato chips (I soooo miss this comfort snack from my childhood!  It was one of the only junk foodie things we ever had and it was special b/c we only got it like once a year.)

Dinner: Chinese buffet.  *groan*

Day 2

Breakfast: the other half of the sour cream and chive dip with potato chips and a Dove dark chocolate bar.  Health food to the max!

Lunch: one piece of Pizza Hut supreme pizza, an ounce of cashews and a bag of Pretzel M&Ms

Dinner: Ultimate breakfast at Village Inn: Ham steak, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, hash browns, three pancakes with (not sugar-free) syrup, followed by a piece of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  Because you can’t eat at Village Inn and NOT have a slice of pie.  Besides.  I had an excuse this time.

After dinner snack: Chocolate Turtle Cookie (just another of the million things I’ve made for the fair competitions)

So I’m sitting here, still stuffed to the max.  I should be good to go for a month of starvation–lol.

One thing I have noticed is that the HCG hormone is definitely affecting my insulin sensitivity.  I need a lot less insulin for each meal.  Usually I would have taken 7-10 units of inulin just for the pie at dinner, but I took 8 units total for the entire meal, including the pie, and my blood sugar still dropped afterward, which is why I had the cookie that I sooooo didn’t want to eat.  This makes sense to me since HCG is a hormone found in pregnant women and I noticed that when my hormones change around my period, I need a lot less insulin then too.  It’s nice that it makes me so sensitive to insulin, thus requiring me to take less and save money (yes, I am so cheap that I hate paying to live!), but I will have to be sure to have glucose tablets with me at all times in case a low hits.  I am adjusting my insulin accordingly and hope that I won’t have to deal too much with low blood sugars as they are such a pain in the rear and can be dangerous, although I’ve never been hospitalized for one in my 9 years of being diabetic.

Hey, you know what’s crazy?  The only fruit & vegetables I’ve had in the last two days was in the strawberry rhubarb pie!!  OMgosh, I’m so ready to drown myself with salad and lean meat tomorrow.  And apples!  Bring on the health food!

If you want to witness my poor attempt at what was going to be a vlog today, here you go.  I don’t finish many of my thoughts and don’t explain things well and tend to ramble so I decided I’d be better off typing.  I figured out I should probably organize my thoughts before doing a vlog and probably shouldn’t do them first thing in the morning, unshowered and in my PJs, and when my mind has still got the fuzzies.  In any case, my memory card ran out and then I didn’t have time to do it over properly so here’s what I managed to record.  Unedited!  Don’t hate on my Tweety Bird PJ’s.  Or the jiggle in my rear.  Or that spot of white flour on the table.  Or the ten million dish towels stuffed into the oven handle.  Or the sacks of flour and sugar strewn about the oven and counter behind me.  Or that dirty spot on the floor.  Just don’t hate.


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I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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19 Responses to HCG Drops Diet Phase 1: Loading

  1. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous!! Those first 2 days of fat loading are awesome!! I would have no problem with that! I so hope the rest of the diet goes well! Can’t wait to hear more about it. Let us know if you get any side effects from the drops!

    • Veronica says:

      Haha–you just think you’re jealous! Trust me, eating like a pig is sooo not worth feeling like one. LOL! No side effects at all, except for the decreased need for insulin, which I count as a bonus. I will keep you updated.

  2. ugh, it sounds like you really tortured yourself eating like that those days, but I guess it makes eating healthy that much more appealing? I always thought the body went for lean muscle when the simple carbs ran out in your body, but Im not sure.

    Doing a vlog IS harder then it looks! I never knew til I did one. I always cringe when I watch mine!

    • Veronica says:

      Yeah, it was torture. Bring on the health food, baby! :) Oh yeah, I forgot there are times when the body goes for muscle but I’m not sure at what point that happens. I think that’s when you’re doing something wrong, like maybe eating too few calories? All I know is with HCG, the lean muscle isn’t touched since the abnormal fat is being released, and the even cooler thing is that your fat reserves are left alone as well, making it impossible to get below your normal weight. Actresses that go in for the injections are often turned away b/c it just won’t help them. Although, in cases where they are very thin but have excess fat in one area, it does help to redistribute it so you are normal all over instead of too thin in one spot and fat in another. I think you do well with your vlogs–I can tell you researched and brought your thoughts together before you started recording. Have you thought about doing typed blogs sometimes for your articles? Or possibly to go along with the videos? I would like that.

  3. This is a wonderful post and may be one that you should followed up to see how things go

    A close friend emailed this link the other day and I’m desperately hoping for your next put up. Proceed on the fabulous work.

  4. Pop says:

    Love the Tweety PJs! And good luck with the plan! I’m definitely looking forward to following your journey!

  5. Suzie says:

    I love your last paragraph, you always make me laugh. Your vlog was cute. I too love the pj’s, I have Hello Kitty ones myself ;) Can’t wait to see how this works for you, I’m excited for you!

    • Veronica says:

      I bet yours are way cuter than mine! Mine are like 20 years old, I swear. It’s time to retire them! Thanks, Suzie, I’m excited too. It was soooo nice eating healthy, vitamin and protein rich food today.

  6. Faith says:

    I hope all goes well with the drops! I can’t wait to hear about your progress taking them. Your vlog is too cute!

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  9. Hi Veronica, Sounds like the HCG drops are working for you. Keep up the good work. I love the video. It cut you off at the end was there another one I missed?

    • Veronica says:

      No, my memory card ran out and I didn’t bother to re-record or edit it, I just posted it as-is but I put all the necessary stuff in writing in the blog.

  10. Jesse D says:

    Hey, I was reading your page and wanted to comment too! I am on the HCG diet and I love it! I honestly don’t know how these results are possible, but the scale isn’t lying! I am on day 13, and I am down 20lbs!! I was concerned about the speedy results, but I feel great, energetic, and not as cranky haha Now that I am on them, I have been talking about it alot more with people and find that I am surrounded by people who are on them too! I love it and reccomend it to everybody! Good Luck with your journey, I wish you all the best!

  11. stephanie says:

    hey do u take the drops during the loding phase?

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