Week 11: Bad news for body, good news for house

What an exhausting week!  This is basically what went down.

I made a German Chocolate cake the day after hitting my 10 pound loss.

I ate 1/4 of it by myself over a period of 3 days.  I kid you not. :(

The same day I made the cake an exterminator and a plumber came out to inspect the house, and discovered the source of the flies was our crawl space on the other side of the half-basement.  Our kitchen pipe had completely broken and separated and all the water that is supposed to drain into the sewer was draining into our crawl space, creating a nice little lake of sewage for the flies that came up from the sewer to live in.  This caused quite a huge disgusting mess and not only explained the flies, but why our house seemed to be cracking in half–it was settling at an alarming rate due to the water and there are cracks in all the walls.

The estimate on the cleanup and repair was $6,300.00  Cue the emotional eating!  Our insurance told us they’d cover the foundation damage but wouldn’t cover the cleanup since it was for the ground beneath our house.  They only cover the house, not the ground beneath it, even if the reason our house is cracking in half would continue to cause the house to crack in half after it was repaired if it wasn’t cleaned up.  But that’s just how insurance works so we moved on and examined our options.

Since we don’t have that kind of money, we decided it was time to get dirty and do the job ourselves.  OK, Dennis decided it was time to get dirty and I stood on the other side of the crawl space, which is our half-basement, and lent him moral support…i.e. I asked him lots of questions and threw him tools through the newly opened wall (Dennis tore down most of the sheet rock dividing the basement from the crawl space) when he needed them.  Yeah, there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to join him in the cesspool of squirming larva.  I would have left the house to be foreclosed on before I was going to crawl in there.  Thank God I have a proactive & courageous husband to keep me honest.

Dennis entering the crawl space by the newly opened wall

Dirty work! See that house jack that fell over? It's not the only one! I think the ground sunk and they fell over.

Almost a week after discovering the source of the flies, we now have a dry crawl space (thanks to a shop vac, a dehumidifier, and digging up buckets of mud) and the number of flies is reduced by at least 75% which is a huge relief in itself.  We have a friend coming out Saturday to help Dennis fix the broken pipe.  In the meantime, we’ve been doing dishes in the tub (that is a great butt workout, by the way–try it some time–you have to clench your cheeks to keep from falling in the tub!) and did a redneck cap on the sewer pipe with duct tape and a small Tupperware bowl.  We just applied a coat of Bio Foam to the dry dirt to eat up any of the remaining rotting vegetation.

Den's redneck duct tape pipe cap. See the beer can stuck in the pipe that used to connect to it? He did that too! We found the beer can in the crawl space, along with two unmatched shoes, some old glass jars, & a shotgun shell. I expected dirt under there, but not all that trash!


So things are looking up!  In a few days I will be able to use the sink again! 

Things are not so happy for my weight, however.  I gained…………..THREE pounds.  Three stupid pounds.  I really did not want to fess up to this so I was considering not blogging this week, but I probably would have binged for another week and got completely out of control.  Reporting my week keeps me honest and on track.  So there it is.  I went completely berserk right after getting my first ten pounds off and gained three of them back.  It’s so discouraging!

So here’s what I need to do.  Get back into my thinking mode of doing what is best for my blood sugar and health.  That would NOT include eating 1/4 of a hugely rich, sweet, and fattening cake.  That means recording what I eat, sticking to the amount of points I’m allotted and not eating other than what I plan to eat (which includes planning what to eat in case of low blood sugar).

So there. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.  Here’s to a better week and to a fly-less house with a workable kitchen sink!


About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.
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23 Responses to Week 11: Bad news for body, good news for house

  1. Wow, Veronica you have a wonderful man to take matters into his own hands like that! Kudos to Dennis :) Gee, beer can , shot gun shell, and shoes?? What in the world was someone doing down there?? Well, that stuff has probably been down there for years. Girl, as for the weight gain, don’t worry it happens. 10 pound loss and regained 3? Girl, that is better than what i did…..One time I had a 10 pound loss and gained 5!!! That’s just what comes with the territory. Just shrug it off…it’s probably just water weight any how. Great post!! Good Luck with the “Horse Flies” No, just kidding the midget flies…I was playing from the last blog comment I made ( Last week ) Keep up the good work :)

    • Veronica says:

      I know, I am blessed! You know, I always was kind of afraid to look in the crawl space b/c I always imagined that dead bodies were buried in there and I even had a dream that there were so it was a little freaky to find the shotgun shell! With my wild imagination, I imagine a scenario like someone shot a guy, took him to the crawlspace to bury him and drank a beer while he was doing it, which is why he messed up and didn’t bury the shoes and shotgun shell with the body! LOL, j/k. I actually no longer have a fear of the crawlspace despite the shotgun shell, though I really would not want to go crawling around in there unless I had to. Thanks for the encouragement, Cheryl!

  2. Pop says:

    I already respected Dennis, but the duct tape cap?! A beer can plug?!?! I’m not worthy!!!

    But seriously, congrats on getting rid of the poop flies! It makes me wonder: if God sent poop flies to Egypt, would pharaoh have let the people go?

    And good luck with the weight this week! Both my wife and I are up after our vacation last week and we just remind ourselves that although we had a bad week, we’ve got many, many more weeks to make good on our healthy lifestyle!

    • Veronica says:

      Bwahahahahahaha! You always make me laugh, Pop. Thanks, and good point–it’s just a tiny blip in the scheme of our entire life!

  3. Dewey says:

    V Babe!
    Don’t be disspointed in three steps forward one step back. Thats good progress! Kudos for taking the bull by the horns and starting the house repairs yourself.

    As you can see.. my puter is functioning once again!


    • Veronica says:

      Yes, good point–I am still ahead in the game! I have missed you, Dewey! Glad your computer is functioning again–glad to have you back. :)

  4. Carla says:

    That’s great that Dennis isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty!! WAY TO GO DENNIS! I know your glad those nasty flies are finally disappearing!
    As far as your weight V, why are you baking these beautiful cakes when your on a diet? You testing yourself? I fail those test EVERYTIME!! LOL

    • Veronica says:

      For sure!!! So glad he was willing to do that b/c I swear I was ready to just move out and get an apartment. Girl, I will ALWAYS be baking whether I’m trying to lose weight or not so I’ve just gotta learn how to control myself. I made that cake for a birthday but since it was just for four people, we ended up taking a lot home. And now I am baking every day for the fair and it is so hard not to nibble on the cookie dough! Arg!

  5. Carla says:

    BE STRONG V!!!!

  6. Dennis Miller says:

    I always thought the second the hatch to the crawlspace was opened some H.P. Lovecraft ‘thing that should not be’ would emerge from the dark fowl depths and eat my head.

    Then with my knowledge combined with its dark thoughts it would penetrate the deepest bowels of the entertainment industry. There it would summon old footage of the Lawrence Welk Show and Three’s Company to plague TV and Cinema and curse the human population with mediocre humor and very well done, but boring, song and dance routines.

    So, you can see why I was reluctant to go in there at first.

    (I would like to point out this was a very irrational fear. I mean Three’s Company was a pretty good comedy. So things would not have been that bad.)

    • Veronica says:

      Honey, you are insanely hilarious. I’m not sure whether you lean more toward the insane part or the hilarious part but I enjoy the combination in you. :)

  7. Ken says:

    Two thumbs up to Dennis. Two thumbs down to your problems. Take it easy, Veronica.
    It seems like a torture for me making delicious cakes while you’re hungry.
    I’ve just conceive if you could make cake with less or zero calories, you can be VERY rich.

    • Veronica says:

      Yes, it is torture! But I willingly do it to myself. Not too smart, right? Well, I am able to make cakes that are low in calories but they are just not comparable to the real thing so I don’t bother any more. If I’m going to have cake, I want it to be good. :) Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, Ken–I love that we’re still connected from opposite sides of the world! Do you have any one to talk English to besides reading my blog? If not, I’m glad I can give you some practice so you don’t lose your skills!

      • Ken says:

        Oh, I made sloppy grammar mistakes again! Still I need more practice. Thank you for giving me chances to practice, moreover, enjoyable blog.

        • Veronica says:

          Whatever, Ken! Don’t worry about mistakes–I didn’t even notice. I make plenty myself and have no excuse.

  8. Michelle says:

    Yeah, you got a good man, like I do! :) And shoot, three pounds ain’t nothin’, girl! (btw: good news for ME…I THINK I gained three pounds, YAY!) ‘Course, NOT being able to eat anything with Milk in it (which is almost everything especially in the American Diet) doesn’t help my cause to gain weight, ya know? Else…I woulda been at YOUR house eating that delish german choc cake with ya!!
    My Lemon Bread Pudding turned out yum. Did you see that on my FB? I even took a pic of it :)

    • Veronica says:

      Good for you! I can imagine that not eating any dairy would make it more difficult. Cheese would be the best thing to add to everything to make it fattening–and you can’ have it! But there’s nuts. Those suckers are way fattening and if I was trying to gain weight, I’d eat a pound of cashews every day. Love those things. No, I didn’t see it–I will go find it! I don’t spend enough time on facebook to catch a lot of what is going on with everyone and I hate how much I miss.

  9. What a man!! Better than paying all that money!!

    So glad you fessed up!! Isn’t it amazing how hard it is? You don’t even KNOW us yet it’s hard to admit when you’ve done something bad. It’s embarrassing. Trust me. I KNOW. I ate stupid things today and I’m wondering in my post tonight, how honest should I be?? If this were easy, we’d all be skinny.

    • Veronica says:

      The problem is I do know a lot of my readers personally! That makes it even harder. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m amazingly bloated right now–I’m now up FIVE pounds. This happened two months ago where I started getting bloated two weeks before my period and I was like WTH???? The bloating didn’t go down for TWO WEEKS so I’ll bet my body decided it was time to really humiliate me and give me another gain this week. Well, I will work on losing fat while it works on retaining water and maybe I’ll come out ahead anyway.

  10. Suzie says:

    That’s great that Dennis was able to fix it instead of hiring someone! Weight loss is going to have it’s ups and downs, you’re still doing good and after the week you had, I’d have ate half that cake! Lol! ;) Keep up the good work, your doing fine.

    I’ll be around when I can V, I have not one, but two broken computers right now…ugh!! :P Oh well, my mini-vacation was awesome :)

    • Veronica says:

      Noooo! I have Suzie withdrawel! You’re the only thing keeping myspace alive and everyone is fleeing to facebook in your absence! ;) I’m glad your mini-vacation was good–email me and tell me about it next time you have a chance, and check out my contest on Recipe Rhapsody! I know you have something to enter.

  11. Wow, Dennis is one brave guy!!!

    And that cake…THAT CAKE!!! It looks amazing! No worries about the scale; it’s only one week. It can’t undo all the good things you have been doing! Don’t sweat it :)

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